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ClickNoMo is software that clicks your mouse for you. You probably click your mouse hundreds of times a day, thousands of times a week. ClickNoMo lets you rest your tendons while you continue to work and get things done.

How It Works

ClickNoMo senses your mouse movements as you move your cursor around the screen. When you move your cursor to the position where you would like to click and bring your mouse to a stop for a short amount of time, ClickNoMo generates a click for you. ClickNoMo can single click, double click, right click and also do mouse dragging. ClickNoMo works very well with TypeNoMo, software which rapidly types text for you. Using both of these tools together eliminates much of the strain on the hands and arms associated with doing a lot of typing and clicking.

Buy Now
Purchase ClickNoMo from the Kagi Store.

Try the Demo
Download ClickNoMo and try it for yourself. Find out how nice it feels to let the computer do the clicking.

Try TypeNoMo
Try the TypeNoMo software with ClickNoMo. TypeNoMo rapidly types text for you anywhere you would normally type by hand.